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About us

At The Vocal Point, we are dedicated to enhancing lives through expert speech and swallow therapy, right in the comfort of your home in the greater New York City area. Under the guidance of Linelly Nieves, M.S., CCC-SLP.

Our specialty

We specialize in comprehensive therapies for both adults and children, tailoring our approach to each individual's unique needs.

Dysphagia Therapy (Swallowing Disorders):

Pediatric dysphagia demands specialized care. Linelly’s expertise ensures children with swallowing disorders receive tailored therapies, enhancing their swallowing function and overall well-being.

Engaging activities to improve sensory responses and coordination for safe swallowing.

Exercises to strengthen oral muscles, aiding in chewing and swallowing.

Gradual introduction of different textures to expand the child’s food acceptance.

Pediatric Feeding Therapy:

Our pediatric feeding therapy services are designed for children experiencing reduced oral intake and mealtime challenges. We address these issues with patience and expertise, making mealtimes enjoyable and stress-free.

Interactive games encouraging children to touch, smell, and taste different foods.

Encouraging positive behaviors around mealtimes through praise and rewards.

Structuring mealtimes to create a relaxed and positive atmosphere, reducing stress around eating.

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Post Frenectomy Therapy (Tongue Tie Release):

Post-frenectomy care is delicate and vital. We provide specialized support and therapy for children after tongue tie release procedures, ensuring optimal healing and speech development.

Exercises to improve tongue mobility and strengthen oral muscles after the frenectomy procedure.

Addressing any speech difficulties that may arise after the procedure, ensuring clear and fluent speech.

Providing parents with guidance on post-frenectomy care and exercises to be done at home.

Are mealtimes a source of stress and worry in your home?

Transform mealtime stress into success.