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Pediatric Feeding Therapy Services at The Vocal Point

At The Vocal Point, we understand the challenges parents face when their child struggles with feeding difficulties. Our Pediatric Feeding Therapy Services are meticulously crafted to address these challenges, ensuring that mealtimes become opportunities for growth, nourishment, and joy. Here's why our specialized Pediatric Feeding Therapy is the solution you've been searching for.

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    Nurturing Healthy Eating Habits,
    One Meal at a Time

    Expert Guidance for Every Child:

    Our experienced Bilingual Speech Language Pathologist, Linelly Nieves, provides expert guidance tailored to your child's unique needs. We understand the nuances of pediatric feeding issues, ensuring a personalized approach for each child, whether they face reduced oral intake, trouble during meal times, or post-frenectomy concerns.

    Holistic Assessment and Tailored Interventions:

    We conduct comprehensive assessments to understand your child's feeding challenges, including oral motor skills, sensory sensitivities, and behavioral factors. Based on the assessment, we design personalized interventions, combining sensory exploration, oral-motor exercises, and positive reinforcement to encourage healthy eating habits.

    Family-Centered Approach:

    We believe in empowering families. Our therapy involves parents and caregivers, providing practical strategies and emotional support to create a positive mealtime environment. Through our family-centered approach, we equip parents with the tools and confidence to support their child's feeding journey beyond therapy sessions.

    Transforming Mealtime Stress into Mealtime Success:

    Is your child struggling with picky eating, food aversions, or mealtime anxiety? Our Pediatric Feeding Therapy transforms these challenges into opportunities for positive growth. We focus on turning mealtime stress into mealtime success, fostering a love for nutritious foods and creating enjoyable, stress-free dining experiences for the whole family.

    How do we work together?

    What sets The Vocal Point apart is its commitment to professional service from start to finish. From the meticulous review of medical history to the discussion of specific conditions and concerns, every aspect of care is handled with utmost attention.

    Linelly and her team dedicate time to understand and align patients' goals with personalized treatment plans, aiming not only to achieve these goals but also to improve overall wellbeing.

    Pediatric Feeding Therapy Services

    The Vocal Point is now offering Pediatric Feeding Therapy! Whether your child has a medical
    diagnosis or is just a picky eater, reach out today for a free consultation!


    Here at The Vocal Point, we offer free consultations to discuss patient diagnosis and goals. During the consultation, patients will learn more about The Vocal Point and determine if it's a match!


    Evaluations are completed after a consultation. Evaluations are used to determine the best therapy approach and course of action. We pride ourselves in creating goals around our patient's vision.


    After your evaluation, don't wait to book your therapy session! At The Vocal Point, we create personalized treatment plans based on our patient's strengths and focus on areas of improvement while also taking into account our patient's goals. Book your session today!

    Are mealtimes a source of stress
    and worry in your home?

    Our Pediatric Feeding Therapy Services offer more than just solutions; We offer hope and understanding.
    Transform mealtime stress into success. Book your Pediatric Feeding Therapy session now!


    Services are offered in
    New York City

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